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Not Home for the Holidays

Posted 11/5/2016

LiftMaster 825LM remote light controlKeeping a light on in your home while your away can help keep intruders away. But keeping it on all day while you're away wastes electricity and adds to your power bill. But if you could turn a lamp on at night via your smart phone and off in the morning, and never have to come home to a dark house, that would be great, right? 

LiftMaster garage door openers with Wi-Fi or MyQ technology allow you to do just that with a LIftMaster remote light control (Model 825LM). Simply plug in any lamp in your house and control it with your smartphone or garage door opener remote control. LiftMaster openers without WiFi but with MyQ technology will work as well with the addition of a LiftMaster internet gateway (Model 828LM). 

You can get these accessories at Killeen Overhead Doors and often for less than you can purchase online. You can even get two light controls and a door and gate monitor for FREE from LiftMaster with the purchase of Garage Door Opener Models 8500, 8550W or 8355 by 12/16/16 and professionally installed by 1/13/2017.